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Our product: Numbat, at a glance

Our product:
Numbat, at a glance


Why Numbat makes an important contribution

The world is in a state of upheaval, with mobile systems leading the way. The time of electromobility, the resource-saving and smart economic activity with energy has arrived. It’s an exciting age, and one to which we are devoting all our energy and passion for technology. The Numbat provides an important building block for this. It feeds renewable energy and makes it available when it is needed. Long charging times for electric cars are a thing of the past.

We offer our B2B customers from industry, trade, commerce, the food industry, etc. the most cost-effective system with access to a broad portfolio of applications that optimize energy costs, protect the grid connection and thus initiate a short return on investment. The Numbat principle supports our customers in the energy industry, enables electric car drivers to have an optimal charging infrastructure and reduces the burden on the environment.

We want to strengthen electromobility and actively shape the energy transition!

Therefore, Numbat technology includes three patented solutions that make the system unique and allow us to incorporate different applications. These benefit our customers, who can only fully exploit the multitude of possibilities with Numbat technology. With the Numbat, we are moving into the fast charger (high-power charger) market, as it can fast charge up to 350 kW. Due to this innovation, electric car drivers will be able to fully charge up to 80% within 15 minutes. This will mean the end of long waiting times. The more densely the charging infrastructure is developed, the better electric car drivers can benefit from the charging offer. In the future, Numbats will be used in both rural and inner-city areas without requiring major measures to be taken on the power grid or construction work.


and a globally unique, patented second- and multi-life strategy.

When it comes to energy, we get the best out of it for the customer. In addition to its integrated fast charging station, the Numbat also functions as a storage unit for eco and thus solar power. When installed in factories, it can optimize self-consumption and achieve significant cost savings (e.g. through peak shaving or atypical grid usage). Depending on the energy balance, we recommend further applications for optimizing the energy balance during customer discussions.

Sustainable management already begins in the patented strategy of Numbat. Thanks to the multi-lifecycle strategy, the installed batteries are given up to three lives. This is possible because we separate spent cells from cells that are still good and replace the old ones with new ones. This saves money and emissions. Good for the customer and good for the environment.


At Numbat, we rely on three pillars: resource-saving battery use, optimal energy use through our multi-applications, and our operator model.

As a customer, you decide between two attractive price model:

  • Operator model, by means of low monthly payment or
  • Franchise model as a total investment.

With our “Energy Storage as a Service” model, the processing of the charging bill, the operation of the storage unit and the reduction of your electricity bill based on previous analysis are included in the contract. The Numbat itself is operated and maintained by us. And all this without installation costs.

Analysis, installation, maintenance and operation – everything from a single source and without connection costs.

During the initial consultation, we will review how installing a Numbat will work best for you.
This implies an initial free evaluation of your load profiles in which we will demonstrate your savings potential and make you an offer according to your local circumstances. Contact us!



We look forward to presenting our "Allgäu fast charging network" project to you here soon:

When a doctor versed in “battery technology” meets a former top manager with the same key focus, this can occasionally lead to the perfect symbiosis. And very rarely, a shared idea to make the world a little better through smart technology results in a revolutionary cleantech company.

We will be happy to make you a customized offer,
simply get in contact!

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